Hose PUR Heavy AG DN 160 mm

Hose PUR Heavy AG DN 160 mm

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Polyurethane thick-walled hose resistant to hydrolysis and microbes applied in agricultural machinery, municipal systems, ventilation and air conditioning, vacuuming leaves grass and other organic materials, for applications where the fermentation and rotting processes appear.

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93,65 € incl. VAT / m

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PUR Heavy AG DN160


- solids, liquids and gaseous media

- gravitational and pneumatic transport of abrasive materials where may appear hydrolysis and rotting processes: grass, fodder, cereals, municipal waste, leaves, powders, sawdust, granulates, pellets, sand, gravel etc.

- for municipal and agricultural machinery, silos, storage tanks, elevators, feeders

- exhaust of air, steam, oil mists, fumes, gases


- very good abrasion resistance

- very good resistance to hydrolysis and rotting processes

- very good chemical resistance

- very good thermal resistance

- good flexibility

- tear-resistant

- smoothed inside

- axially compressible

- flame retardant

Inner diameter

160 mm

Outer diameter

170 mm

Wall thickness

1,4 mm

Wall material

polyurethane with biostatic


coppered spring steel wire, which can be grounded to discharge static electricity

* dextrorotatory spiral

Wire diameter

1,4 ÷ 3,5 mm

Weight (approx.)

2,11 kg/mb

Standard lenghts

according to customer requirements (up to 20 meters in one piece)

* hose length is measured in the uncompressed form



*colored on request

Thermal resistance

- 30 ÷ +80°C

Chemical resistance

look tabulka chemické odolnosti

Bending radius

255 mm


0,9 bar


0,804 bar

Surface resistance

1010 ÷ 1012 ohm (depending on humidity)

Abrasion coeficient

35 mm3

Flammability class

V-II according to UL94


Instruction - grounding spiral, flow direction


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