Temperature resistant hose PUR Light TM DN 75 mm

Temperature resistant hose PUR Light TM DN 75 mm

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Industrial PU temperature-resistant hose for ventilation, blowing and exhaust of hot air, smoke, steam and fumes.

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Polyurethane hoses resistant to elevated temperature up to 104°C, DN 75 mm

PUR Light TM104 working temperature from -40°C up to +104°C, wall made of special temperature-resistant polyurethane, reinforced with spring steel wire, which can be grounded to discharge static electricity. Ventilation and suction hoses, very flexible, abrasion and tear resistant, smooth inside, transparent. Used in industry for gravitational transport of hot bulk materials, hot water, exhaust of hot air, smoke, steam, fumes and vapors, for transport of abrasive materials such as sawdust, wood chips, shavings, ceramic powder, glass particles, sand, gravel, granules, aqueous solutions, suspensions, slurries at temperatures up to 104 °C. Suitable for pneumatic transport in containers and dispensers of hot pellets, suction in feeders, industrial vacuum cleaners and cleaning machines, for CNC machines.

- for gases, liquids and solid substances

- length of the hose is measured in uncompressed form


Product features:

Wall material: special polyester polyurethane with elevated temperature resistance

Wall thickness: 0,7 mm

Spiral: spring steel coppered wire

Diameter of wire: 1,2 up to 3,5 mm

Commercial length: standard up to 20 m

Color: transparent

Surface resistance: 1010 ÷ 1012 Ohm

Abrasion coefficient: 30 mm3

Chemical resistance: look Chemical resistance table

Thermal resistance: - 30 ÷ +104°C

Features: very good thermal resistance, good chemical resistance, very good flexibility, good abrasion resistance, smooth inside, good resistance to hydrolysis


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