Heat resistant double-layer hose DN 600 mm

Heat resistant double-layer hose DN 600 mm

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Heat resistant double layer hoses for suction and ventilation in working temperature up to +500°C

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515,33 € incl. VAT / m

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Industrial heat-resistant double layer hoses, DN 600 mm

Flexible glass fabric hoses, ventilation heat-resistant hose with working temperature up to +500°C, double layer wall. Hose is produced in two variants:
A – for suction of exhaust fumes and welding smoke with sparks,
B – for cooling in hot environment with sparks outside the hose.
Both types are suitable for welding gas and smoke, exhaust fumes, hot air at low pressure. Double layer hoses are used for lifting equipment, construction vehicles and engines in aviation industry, aerospace industry, general engineering, automotive industry.

- in order please choose A or B variant

- for gas liquid and solid substances

- length of the hose is measured in uncompressed form


Product features:

Wall material: glass fabric + aluminium

Wall thickness: 0,35 mm

Spiral: profiled galvanized steel strap

Commercial length: standard up to 15 m

Color: silver (if aluminium layer is from the outside)

Chemical resistance: look Chemical resistance table

Thermal resistance: +500°C

Features: very good flexibility, very good thermal resistance, good chemical resistance, nonflammable, axially compressible


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