Heat resistant fiberglass hose Klin type A, DN 80 mm

Heat resistant fiberglass hose Klin type A, DN 80 mm

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Industrial flexible heat resistant fiberglass hose with working temperature up to 230°C for ventilation of hot air, smoke, fumes and vapors.

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Industrial ventilation fiberglass hose resistant to high temperature up to 230°C, DN 80 mm

Heat-resistant ventilation hose made of glass fabric, reinforced with galvanized steel strip, working temperature up to 230°C, low-pressure hose, very flexible, axially compressible, sparks-resistant, fire-resistant. Exhaust of hot air and gas, welding smoke, exhaust fumes, hot steam, fumes and vapors. Hose suitable for high temperature welding arms haul. Application in metallurgy, welding, automotive industry.

- for gas liquid and solid substances

- length of the hose is measured in uncompressed form


Product features:

Wall material: glass fabric + aluminium

Wall thickness: 0,25 mm

Spiral: profiled galvanized steel strap

Commercial length: standard up to 10 m

Color: silver (if aluminium layer is from the outside)

Chemical resistance: look Chemical resistance table

Thermal resistance: +230°C

Features: very good flexibility, very good thermal resistance, good chemical resistance, nonflammable

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