Flexible hose PUR Super Heavy MB DN 220 mm

Flexible hose PUR Super Heavy MB DN 220 mm

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Super Heavy industrial hoses with wall thickness 2,1 mm. The hoses have smooth inside wall for better stream of transported medium. Long durability, high abrasion resistant. Flexible PU hoses

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Industrial polyurethane hose DN 220

Suction hose PUR tl. - 2,1 mm with high abrasion resistance. Polyurethane optimized for operation at high pressures and vacuums. Suitable for transportation and suction of solid and liquid materials, such as gravel, sand, sawdust, shavings, dust, glass particles, granules, pellets, aqueous solutions, slurries, suspensions etc. Pressure hoses used in the ceramic industry, the extraction of sand and gravel, for suction dredgers, for filling and emptying of tanks and silos. Discharge of static electricity can also be done by grounding spiral.

- for gases, liquids and solid substances

- length of the hose is measured in uncompressed form


Product features:

Wall material: special polyurethane, based on polyester polyurethane

Wall thickness: 2,1 mm

Spiral: galvanized spring steel wire

Diameter of wire: 1,6 up to 3,5mm

Commercial length: standard up to 20 m

Color: transparent

Surface resistance: 1010 ÷ 1012 ohm (depends on the humidity)

Flammability: V-II in accordance with UL94

Abrasion coefficient: 30 mm3

Chemical resistance: look Chemical resistance table

Thermal resistance: - 40 ÷ +75°C

Features: very good abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, good flexibility, very good thermal resistance, good resistance for hydrolysis


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