Flexible hose PUR Foil ultra light MB DN 160 mm

Flexible hose PUR Foil ultra light MB DN 160 mm

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Industrial lightweight polyurethane hose for dedusting and ventilation systems in woodwork.

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PUR Foil ultra light MB DN160


- solids, liquids and gaseous media

- suction of fine abrasive materials: dust, sawdust, powder atd.

- exhaust of air, oil mists, fumes, gases

- for ventilation and dedusting systems

- for CNC machines in dynamic movement


- very good abrasion resistance

- very good flexibility

- good thermal resistance

- good chemical resistance

- resistant to hydrolysis

- axially compressible

- flame retardant

Internal diameter

160 mm

External diameter

164 mm

Wall thickness

0,4 mm

Wall material

Polyurethane (PU)


coppered spring steel wire, which can be grounded to discharge static electricity

* dextrorotatory spiral

Wire diameter

1,2 ÷ 2,0 mm

Weight (approx.)

0,60 kg/mb

Standard lenghts

according to customer requirements (up to 10 meters in one piece)

* hose length is measured in the uncompressed form



*colored on client request

Thermal resistance

- 30 ÷ +75°C

Chemical resistance

look Chemical resistance table

Bending radius

164 mm


* hose for low pressure


* hose for low underpressure

Surface resistance

1010 ÷ 1012 ohm (depending on humidity)

Abrasion coeficient

30 mm3

Flammability class

V-II according to UL94


Instruction - grounding spiral, flow direction

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