Pressure and vacuum hoses PVC Hydro

Pressure and vacuum hoses PVC Hydro

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Liquids Solid Gas

Quality PVC hose with plastic spiral. Very good resistance to pressures and vacuums. Main uses for pumping and sucking water, sludge, sanitary installations, light chemicals and much more.

2,58 € incl. VAT

2,58 € incl. VAT / m

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picto - airsolidliquids

Used for media: gas, solid, liquids


Resistant to hydrolysis

chemical resistant

Good chemical resistance

Table of chemical resistance HERE

temperature resistance Temperature resistance: from -5 ÷ +60°C
smooth inside Smooth inne wall
resistant to the pressure Pressure and vacuum resistant
flexibility Flexibility- ★★☆☆☆

Package length: 30 m
(when ordering a quantity other than the entire package, it is not possible to return the goods)


Technical parameters


- solid, liquid and gaseous substances

suction and discharge of water, liquids, light chemicals, sludges, faeces, etc.

- pool equipment, sewage trucks, suction equipment

- for gravity and pneumatic transport and suction

Wall material softed phthalate-free PVC (transparent-green) + white hard PVC 
Wall thickness depende on the diameter
Instructions for using hoses


Parameters of all produced diameters

Product catalog Inner
ASE H 020 20 70 0,2 23 -0,7
ASE H 025 25 100 0,3 20 -0,6
ASE H 032 32 115 0,3 18 -0,6
ASE H 035 35 122 0,4 17 -0,6
ASE H 040 40 146 0,5 15 -0,6
ASE H 045 45 151 0,5 14 -0,6
ASE H 050 50 190 0,7 13 -0,6
ASE H 060 60 230 0,7 12 -0,6
ASE H 063 63 250 0,8 11 -0,6
ASE H 075 75 310 1,2 10 -0,6
ASE H 080 80 320 1,4 10 -0,6
ASE H 090 90 390 1,5 10 -0,6
ASE H 100 100 410 1,7 10 -0,6
ASE H 110 110 450 1,9 10 -0,6

The tolerance for all parameters is 5%. All parameters apply to room temperature (approx. 22°C). It is possible to produce a hose of non-standard diameter, in the required color or with your own print on special order. The commercial lengths of the hoses are measured in the maximum expanded state. Ground the spiral to discharge static electricity. The flow direction is indicated by an arrow on the hose.

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