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14 May 2015

NEW! Thermo-insulating hoses avaliable in wide range of combinations and diameters.


Now in our offer thermo-insulating hoses! Multi-layer insulated hoses for applications, where the thermal insulation from the inside as well as from the outside is required.

*in the picture: inner hose - KLIN Silicone, outer hose: KLIN Lutniovinyl, middle layer: insulation material


Insulated hoses provide many benefits, which of them are:

  • provide a thermal insulation - protect from the temperature differences on both inside and outside
  • provide an acoustic insulation
  • prevent the condensation of transported gases
  • prevent the heat loss
  • protect users againts burning
  • possible to combine different types of hoses according to requirements


  • extraction of hot gases
  • exhaust gases from engines, motors, machines
  • air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • wherever there is a risk of burning
  • automotive, chemical, food, machinery, metallurgy and other industries



Any combination of hoses from our offer is possible!


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