Conversion of hose diameters from inches to mm

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09 September 2021

Conversion of suction hose diameters from "inches" to "mm"

Conversion of hose diameters from inches to mm

Surely you have ever solved or are just solving what diameter of the hose in mm fits you with the parameters of the flange diameter in inches given by the manufacturer. Explaining the medieval origins and listing the countries in which they use this metric system is unlikely to be necessary in this case. We have prepared a simple table for you, in which you can find basic conversions of diameter in inches to mm.

Diameter in inches Diameter in mm  Possible used diameter of hoses from our offer
1/4 ″ 6,35 mm  Our hose DN 6 mm
5/16 ″ 8 mm  Our hose DN 8 mm
1/2 ″ 12,7 mm  Our hose DN 12,7 mm
5/8 ″ 16 mm  Our hose DN 16 mm
3/4 ″ 19 mm  Our hose DN 19-20 mm
7/8 " 22,2 mm  Our hose DN 22 mm
1 ″ 25,4 mm  Our hose DN 25-25,4 mm
1 1/4 " 32 mm  Our hose DN 32 mm
1 3/8 ″ 35 mm  Our hose DN 35 mm
1 1/2 " 38 mm  Our hose DN 38 mm
2 ″ 50,8 mm  Our hose DN 50 mm
2 1/2 " 63,5 mm  Our hose DN 63 mm
2 3/4 " 69,9 mm  Our hose DN 70 mm
3 ″ 76,2 mm  Our hose DN 75-76 mm
4 ″ 101,6 mm  Our hose DN 100 mm
5 ″ 127,0 mm  Our hose DN 125-127 mm
6 ″ 152,4 mm  Our hose DN 150-152 mm
7 ″ 177,8 mm  Our hose DN 180 mm
8 ″ 203,2 mm  Our hose DN 200-203 mm
9 ″ 228,6 mm  Our hose DN 226-230 mm
10 ″ 254,0 mm  Our hose DN 255 mm
20 ″ 508,0 mm  Unfortunately, we do not have a hose for this diameter, but we can make a reduction

 If you do not find the necessary recalculation of the average in our table, do not hesitate to contact us.



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