Stainless steel hoses with fiberglass sealing type D1

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Industrial metal hoses type D1 with fiberglass sealing.

Stainless steel hoses made of stainless steel with fiberglass sealing. High resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage, temperature up to 650°C, wall thickness 0,4 mm, polygonal construction. Ventilation and dedusting in woodwork, suction hose for sawdust, wood shavings, chippings, dust. Transport of bulk materials as sand, gravel, powder, ash and cinder. Exhaust hose in metallurgy for welding gases and welding smoke with sparks. Suction hose for hot and cold air, steam, exhaust fumes and chemical vapors for chemical, textile, automotive and woodworking industry. Metal hoses are perfect as a wire and cable protection and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, according to requirements of the European ATEX Directive.

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