Metal hoses

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Metal flexible hoses for gas extraction and material transport

In this category you will find quality metal hoses made of galvanized or stainless steel. Manufactured variants with / without seal.

Hoses without seals (type A,C) are often used as a durable shield or for light extraction, where an exhaust fan is located at the end of the exhaust. Hoses without seals have a relatively high pressure drop. Often this effect is needed due to the cooling of the exhaust air.

Hoses with seals (type B,B1,D,D1) are manufactured in two variants, with a silicone seal with a temperature resistance of up to 300 ° C or a glass cloth seal with a temperature of up to 500 ° C. The presence of seals in the hose connections reduces the pressure drop. Therefore, the hoses are suitable, for example, for exhaust, exhaust during welding or grinding, ventilation systems, fume hoods, but also for extraction of abrasive solids.


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