Suction/discharge hoses PUR Medium Light SP 0,9 mm

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Industrial flexible hose PUR Medium Light SP

Made of PU certyfied polyurethane, wall thickness 0,9 mm, reinforced with spring stainless steel wire, smoothed internal wall to optimize flow and friction and prevent from adhering transported substances, very resistant to abrasion, microbes and hydrolysis, very flexible, transparent, odorless, durable. Suitable for transport of food products, solid bulk materials, liquid, gas, blast, ventilation and dedusting, gravitational and pneumatic transport of food products. Hose certified for contact with food. Transport of food products, agricultural produce, dairy products, animal feed, tobacco, corn, grain, nuts, cereal, flour, sugar, drinking water, milk, fruit juice etc. Polyurethane hoses PUR SP comply with the requirements of EU Directive 2002/72 / EC 1935/2004 regulation of the EP in terms of organoleptic and global migration for simulants A, B, C; can not be used for the transport of fats. Hoses certified by NIZP-PZH.

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