Hoses for ventilation systems

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Hoses for ventilation systems and air conditioning.

Highly flexible spiral hoses for exhaust of cold and hot air, fumes, smoke and gases made of plastic materials e.g. polyurethane, PVC, coated fabrics and others in a wide range of diameters. Hoses suitable for exhaust, dedusting and ventilation in many branches of industry, such as automotive, chemical, machinery, construction, food industry etc. Hoses reinforced with a steel spiral, very flexible and mechanically resistant.


  • Polyurethane hoses

    Polyurethane spiral hoses for ventilation and dedusting systems.   Highly flexible polyurethane hoses reinforced with a spring steel wire for...
  • PVC hoses

    PVC flexible hoses for ventilation an air-conditioning systems.   Flexible spiral PVC hoses reinforced with steel wire. Resistant to mechanical...
  • Hoses type KLIN

    Hoses type KLIN - hoses made of coated fabrics with outer steel spiral.   Hoses type KLIN made of technical fabrics coated with PVC, silicone,...

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