Antistatic hoses PUR Foil AS 10^8 ohm

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Polyurethane antistatic hoses PUR Foil AS 10^8 ohm.Antistatic PU hose

Suction and transport hoses made of special antistatic polyurethane with surface resistance of 10^8 ohm. Wall thickness 0.7 mm, reinforced with spring steel wire, which can be grounded to discharge static electricity. PUR AS hoses are very flexible, abrasion resistant, transparent, odorless, durable, with smoothed internal wall for optimizing flow of media. Hoses used for pneumatic and gravitational transport of gases, liquids and solid abrasive materials, such as sawdust, shavings, ceramics, sand, gravel, glass particles, cement, plaster, pellets, granules, solid fuels, slurry, sewage sludge, aqueous solutions, suspensions. Suitable for industrial cleaning machines, cleaning vehicles, the aeration systems for ventilation in woodwork, furniture industry, sand and gravel mines and many other industries.


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